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We carry everything you need for your commercial, residential, or municipal asphalt parking lots and streets. We only carry the highest-quality supplies and equipment at competitive prices, and our products are made in the USA!  We’re rooted in the Palmetto State and changing the sealcoat industry.  Join us!  

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EcoShield Asphalt Products is the exclusive manufacturer of Pitch Black® asphalt emulsion sealcoat in the Carolinas.  Pitch Black® Sealcoat is 100% non-toxic with 0.00% PAHs.  We offer everything you need to run your asphalt maintenance business, whether you are sealcoating, crack sealing, striping, or everything in between.  Get all of your of materials, additives, crack sealant, tools, accessories, and equipment for pavement and road maintenance in one convenient place – here on our website.  Or, visit one of our stores in Columbia or Conway, South Carolina or Charlotte, NC, where delivery and pickup are available.  

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What Our Customers Say...

  • Pitch Black is all we use at Palmetto Asphalt Sealing and Striping!

    Best sealer out there!! By far.

    Danny, Owner of Palmetto Asphalt Sealing & Striping
  • I Love Pitch Black!

    Had ZERO issues spraying it. It's drying fast, and it looks damned good!

    It's not sticky.... Y'all definitely have a new customer.

    Greg, Owner of Greg's Sealcoating
  • I have been in the Asphalt Maintenance Business my entire adult life.  Over the years I have worked with many Sealer Suppliers.  Earlier this year I was contacted by EcoShield.  They reached out to me to see if I was interested in trying a proven product in the field,  Pitch Black sealer.  Between the customer service I receive from EcosShield and the Pitch Black Sealer,  I have found a new supplier for all future endeavors. Thanks EcoShield, your doing a great job.
    Keith M.
  • Thank you so much for all the fast deliveries. Y’all have no idea how Jose and Denise bailed us out to pull this project off. We really appreciate y’all and your company!
  • My guys absolutely love the material! They love spraying it and like that they don’t smell anything and it doesn’t burn!
    Gregg H.
  • This product is amazing, and ur rep provides exceptional service.  Highly recommend Ecoshield Asphalt Products.
    George W.
  • This product is made to withstand the elements, and yet, it's eco-friendly!  Outstanding!
    Clay S.