The Benefits of Pavement Maintenance and Management

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May 1, 2021
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July 1, 2021

The ever-rising costs of materials makes pavement maintenance and management more important than ever. Maintenance slows the rate of deterioration of roads and lots by correcting small defects or distresses before they worsen and contribute to further, worsening defects or distresses. Generally, pavement deteriorates at an ever-increasing rate. Initially, it starts with a few minor distresses while the pavement remains in relatively good condition. However, over time as it ages, more distresses occur that accumulate and lead the way for more significant damage to occur. The key to preventing this deterioration process is pavement maintenance and management. Maintenance corrects small defects or distresses while they are minor to delay more significant damage and the necessity of replacing the pavement. Let’s take a look at the benefits of pavement maintenance and management.

1. Saves money – Costs of maintaining pavement’s condition is far lower than the cost of significant repairs or replacement. Pavement maintenance saves money.

2. Better traffic flow – Pavement that is kept in good condition requires fewer traffic delays due to construction. Pavement maintenance prevents construction-related traffic delays.

3. Extends the service life of the pavement – Pavement maintenance helps extend the service life of your paved road or lot by keeping up with small repairs and preventing major distresses so your paved area remains in good condition for a longer period of time.

4. Reduces damage to vehicles – Pavement maintenance helps prevent damage to vehicles caused by potholes and other pavement distresses by keeping the road in good condition. Good pavement maintenance and management reduces road hazards for vehicles.

5. Protects the environment – Pavement maintenance generally uses 80% less of the earth’s non-renewable resources when compared to major repairs or replacement. Good pavement management is good for the environment and protects our planet.

Not only is pavement replacement expensive, but it’s also harmful for the environment, creates delays for drivers and creates inconvenience. The benefits of pavement maintenance and management far outweigh the expense and impacts of pavement replacement or major repairs. Keeping pavement in good condition from the beginning helps ward off serious structural issues and extends the life of the paved road or lot. For more information about pavement maintenance, contact EcoShield Asphalt Products today.