Public Works and Pavement Protection Programs

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July 25, 2022
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September 26, 2022

After COVID hit, many public works departments across the country began purchasing their own equipment and bringing their pavement protection and repair programs in-house. They found this beneficial as it saved money and simplified their ability to continue necessary repairs while dealing with the restrictions created by COVID. Taking over the pavement protection program gave many public works departments additional insight into how much money could be saved by using a proactive approach to pavement repair, maintenance and protection. By eliminating or limiting the need for expensive repaving work or expensive pavement repair of potholes, cracks and other damage, public works departments have been able to save money and do more in their district due to those savings. One key element of the pavement protection programs in these areas is using sealcoating to protect pavement and seal up cracks and other defects.

Public Works Pavement Protection Projects

The first thing public works departments needed to do was prioritize where repairs were needed versus where the pavement protection program could prevent such repairs. A common list of public works pavement projects could include:

  • Minor pavement repairs
  • Crack sealing
  • Replacing raised pavement markers (turtles)
  • Addressing uneven and cracked public basketball and tennis courts
  • Sidewalk repair and protection
  • Pavement maintenance needs
  • Overall pavement protection with sealcoating

Pavement Protection and Damage Prevention Saves Money

What these public works departments realized was that addressing pavement protection and proactive damage prevention as a priority saved money. These pavement protection programs exposed that proper sealcoating prevented potholes, divots and cracks that were far more expensive to repair than the cost of the sealcoating. This shifted their priority to one of using a preventative and proactive approach to their pavement protection programs by emphasizing sealcoating as a way to be cost efficient and to extend the lifespan of the pavement, reducing the need for the expensive repair work down the line. By shifting their focus to sealcoating as a priority task in their pavement protection programs versus focusing on just repairs, they prevented the deterioration of roads and other paved areas across the district.

Whether your public works department maintains your pavement protection program directly or hires an outside contractor to do so, EcoShield Asphalt Products is your pavement protection partner! EcoShield carries all of the tools and equipment needed for pavement maintenance and also manufactures Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion sealcoat. Pitch Black is the eco-friendly sealcoat product with 0.00 PAHs that is safe for workers, people, ecosystems and the communities the public works department serves. Have questions about how Pitch Black and EcoShield can help your public works department best maintain and protect pavement in your district? Give us a call!