Fall Maintenance to Protect Your Pavement

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September 1, 2021
Senator Laura Fine
“Senator Fine measure to protect communities from toxic pavement sealants signed into law”
November 2, 2021

Fall is here and it’s time to prepare your pavement for the coming winter months. Even though winters are mild here and in some other parts of the country, the cold air and frost conditions can still do a number on your pavement. Let’s review the necessary fall maintenance to protect your pavement.

Clean it Up – Clean any debris, oil, car fluids, dirt, leaves or other mess from the pavement. If possible, have it power washed before temperatures become too cold for a more effective clean-down.

Protect Edges – Make sure to edge your pavement to protect it from grass and other plants. Their roots can break through the pavement’s edges, making it easier for water to penetrate and cause larger cracks.

Fill Cracks – Inspect pavement for cracks, chips and crumbling. Even little cracks can mean large problems later on. Water can get into cracks and freeze during the colder evenings and mornings and expand, enlarging the crack. Have cracks filled and addressed before the winter chill hits.

Look for Pooling Water – Pooling water on your pavement usually means it is uneven, suggesting potential problems with your sublayers. During freezing temperatures, pooling water can contribute to the creation of potholes. It can also freeze over and present a slip and fall hazard.

Move Heavy Equipment – If you have heavy equipment on your pavement, you’ll want to move it for the season or at least place heavy duty cardboard underneath it. This will keep it from compressing or puncturing the pavement during the vulnerable cold months.

Have it Sealcoated – Sealcoating is usually done one year after the pavement is installed and then every two to three years after that. Sealcoating protects the pavement from harsh weather and cold temperatures. It also adds water resistance and protects the base layers underneath.

Fall is here and that means winter is not far behind. Even mild winters can still have negative impacts on your pavement. Perform this fall maintenance to protect your pavement and you’ll keep it in good condition for longer.