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November 18, 2021
120″ Drag Strip Finish Brush
November 22, 2021

DSF Curing Additive


The perfect all-in-one fast dry/cure additive with Ultimate-Sand-Suspension, viscosity build. Works in virtually all coatings. Won’t set up in tank.

Use for amazing sand suspension and tire mark control.  Sold in 1 gallon buckets.

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  • DSF is both a viscosity modifier and a patented active cure additive.
  • Ultimate sand suspension. Causes a modification in viscosity for asphalt emulsion to help suspend sand better in your mix.
  • Allows more time for your crew to begin new jobs by allowing you to safely start, finish, and open seal coat jobs back to traffic the same day.
  • Faster curing/drying when the sun is not present
  • Makes the film a rich, black, and beautiful color
  • Improves film strength and pavement bond
  • Sold in 1 gallon buckets


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